Dr. Ruthie Feldman

After consultations, I often write follow up reports with lists of resources and further suggestions for the improvement of the school. In this case, I feel as though I am writing a thank you note for the privilege of visiting your school community. As you can see from the image I have inserted to the right, the value you place in relationships was evident everywhere. I noticed that the children were collaborating in their work, were kind and inclusive in their play, and cheered on their friends while taking turns in their music group. It is a rare joy to be in a place where calmness is the palpable element in and of the environment. Let me be specific and tell you that what I noticed. You may take what I have to say for granted because it is so much a part of your lives, but trust me it is not always evident. I have been in hundreds of schools throughout North America, Israel and Italy, so I know that there are many variations even among what we would agree are in their own way, child centered programs.So, what was so unique? In what I would describe as a very relaxed atmosphere there was a felt, yet invisible core of control from which the calm radiated.

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Lea Kedem

My grandson, Guy, has recently graduated from Chai Preschool and I wanted to take the opportunity and thank you and your dedicated, professional team for the truly wonderful experience these past three years have been for Guy and for me as his grandmother. There was never a single morning where Guy did not want to go to Chai. Not one time. As you know, I am a graduate of the Adler Institute in Israel, working for the past 30 years with countless parent groups. I have been a panelist on one of the most popular TV parenting shows in Israel and have been helping parents for many years now in a format similar to the Super Nanny format in the US. My work has given me the opportunity to observe many preschools and kindergartens and these served as points of reference when I observed how Chai Preschool functions and how you run your team and how team members interact with the kids. Every morning and every afternoon, at drop-off and pick-up time, I was impressed and astounded by what I saw: unconditional love and reception of the children by the team. Never without a smile, never with destructive criticism - always supportive and respectful to each of the children. The lack of any tension, total and utter calm, peace of mind, warmth - which permeates to the children who could immediately and always sense they are in a safe, warm and supportive environment. The optimistic demeanor of the team, the positive vibes and energy flowing from them to the children, and a true sense of friendship between the children and the team as a result - all served to leave me with a complete peace of mind that I was leaving Guy in the best of hands, without the slightest doubt.

There can be very little doubt that at this precious age, the child's first encounter with out-of-home environment is embedded with him/her for the rest of their life, shaping their characters for years to come. Such a reassuringly positive environment will undoubtedly serve as a solid bedrock foundation for the child's later years, imbuing the children with the confidence they will need to tackle what life will throw at them later. Children in these early ages form their opinions of the world and of fellow men and women based on what they encounter during these first experiences. Chai Preschool is blessing these children with a positive outlook on life and of the world outside their home. Every time I brought Guy to Chai I knew we had found the perfect place for him, a real heaven on Earth where preschools are concerned. A real, natural extension of the safety and warmth Guy experiences at home.

Leaving him in your trusted arms, I knew full well that Guy would receive the best care, fulfilling not only his physical needs, but also his present and future social, spiritual and mental needs. The collaboration with Stanford University is absolutely superb, impacting both the high quality educational content as well as the detailed level of analysis to hone in on what works better with each child and with the group as a whole. The time you and your team spend with the parents, whether in one on one meetings or in group sessions is of very high quality, and the involvement of Stanford only amplifies that quality.

The materials you've collected over the three years Guy spent at Chai and shared with us on graduation day were just the cherry on top of an already pretty amazing cake, and just goes to show the careful planning that goes into every step and the attention to detail. Again, Esty, from the bottom of my heart, thank you - for the amazing work you've done and for being there for Guy, every step of the way.

Thank you,

Lea Kedem

(I will wholeheartedly serve as a reference - my e-mail address is[email protected]